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About Us

We are engaged in 3 main activities, Environmental protection and water supply, Agriculture and underprivileged.

Environmental Protection

We work with community base organizations to protect threatened nature which offers multiple advantages for mankind both at the community level and the national level.


We offer assistance to the underprivileged through education, vocational trainings and income generating activities, we support them through all works of life including their warfare and health.


We support youths in capacity building and entrepreneurship by offer small credit, trainings and technical assistance.

Membership and Grassroots approach:

The cepau Board is made up of people who have been elected based on their merit and active contribution. They identify local needs which inform project development. Monthly review and planning meetings are held. This ensures that real needs are addressed and a two way flow of information achieved.

Credibility and Transparency:

The membership of CEPAU is made up of legally constituted Farming associations in the North West Region and other regions of cameroon, we continuously monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of its activities. A strong code of internal regulations, procedures and certified auditing ensures transparency and accountability. We have an excellent relationship with our partners we create Development Plan which has been shared with member Associations.

Marketing and communication skills:

CEPAU organises various publicity campaigns, newsletter and The Farmers Voice, radio talks, flyers, posters and regular use of the internet. A series of open days are held every year covering microfinance services, produce marketing, a co-operative approach and development as well as presenting information on CEPAU services.

Structures and Management:

CEPAU has three departments Agriculture , Environmental protection and Underprivileged Assistance
CEPAU activities are being managed by 8 permanent members of staff and 4 temporary workers.
A strong, effective, active and democratically elected Board of Directors consists of 7 members 3 of which are women.
An Executive Committee, made up of three Board Members and the Chair, oversees the work of the organisation.
A small, enthusiastic team of staff achieving high outputs.


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