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Crop Farming

Cepau has supported and empowered youths in bee farming to the processing of honey ready for consumption And sole in the markets. We have supported you thing in piggery and poultry farming, tomatoes and onion farming
Plantain farming and vegetable farming and vegetable framing. We also support them to do mix cropping like maize beans cocoa yams and cassava
Irish potato, sweet potato
Production in larger scales for consumption and marketing purposes


Farm production poses a number of challenges for farmers around the world. Food production requires adjustments to rapid population growth, the expenditure of resources, soil degradation, reduced utilization of land and a growing lack of water. In order to meet current and future needs of a growing world population, it’s necessary to increase farm production. However, this must be done in a sustainable and qualitative way in order to respond the environmental and food safety requirements. Climate changes are yet another of the challenges for today’s farmers, who are forced to adjust their production to increasing risks from weather extremes climate changes are not only responsible for adverse weather conditions they also cause the instability in farm commodity prices

The major constraints include unstable weather, water scarcity, pests damaging crops, and poor transportation, and minor constraints such as inability to access and use such as seed and fertilizers, lack of capital to buy, inadequate investment in irrigation which makes farmers very vulnerable to drought, and there is …


In the year 2019 we organised 3 trainings on rigational practices
5 trainings on the proper use of fertilizers and Pesticides
2 trainings on food preservation
3 trainings on marketing techniques
Sold about 10.000 baskets of tomatoes
Mami Abash: 2000 baskets of onion
Mami Abash: 5000 buckets of maize 3000buckets of beans


Cepau continues to organise trainings to train farmers on better farming practices
We continue to organize trainings to educate farmers on the understanding of seasons. And appropriate timing of farming seasons for the crops they choose to produce
We continue organize trainings on irrigational methods inorder to help them bring in water when needed in case of drought
Cepau continues to source for funds to support farmers to acquire adequate inputs. For a better output