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Livestock Farming – Poultry

Poultry meat and eggs are one of the most consumed animal protein in Cameroon, unrestricted by any religion or any culture in Cameroon. Our poultry farming is aimed at solving the problem of scarcity of chicken in Cameroon and the Cemac zone

The poultry sector amounts to about 4%of Cameroon GPD and plays an important role for both food and employment providing income for both the rural and urban population.


In the year 2019.we had achieved the following for our members

Organized 3 trainings on production and manure management

Organized 2 trainings on marketing techniques

Carried out 5 group purchase of bird and feed
Supply 50 tons of manure to the bambui integrated young farmers group.


The fluctuating nature of the price of birds and and its products including feed
High cost of industrial materials such as zinc and cement for the construction of modern poultry infrastructure
The need for more training and refresher courses
High cost of transportation for inputs and outputs to and fro
Lack of improved genetic material
Unclassified ailments and depredations are some of the challenges that give give poultry farmers a hard time
Low production performance and stock theft

Way forward

Training on feed compounding can help reduce the cost of feed

CEPAU keeps on outsourcing for funds to subsidize industrial building materials for our members
Organize more trainings on hygiene and poultry farm management. In order to avoid predators and ailments
Source for funds to provide improved genetic material. And reinforce the security of the poultry farms

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