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Livestock Farming – Bee

This is an environmental friendly sector in CEPAU that has seen and increase in youths involved 5 groups are operating in this sector with 2 resource persons and 2 local animators. They organize group work in afforestation and reforestation of apiaries with bee attracting plants. Most of their apiaries are located in water catchments, stream banks and spring heads. Group work is also organized every year for hive constructions using local materials like bamboo and tree trunks

Due to its height medicinal and nutritional value the demand for natural and pure honey is very high as it is sometimes difficult to find organic honey.


In 2019 CEPAU had the following achievements
Organized and trained 50 members on bee farming techniques
Organized a training on tree nursery creation and management
Sold through group markets 500 litres of honey
Produced 5 tons of wax, 200 litres of honey beer and Acropolis


Lack of harvesting equipment’s such as smokers, rain boots, harvesting containers and bee suits
Need more training’s for its growing youthful population
The life span of locally produced hives are very short
Pest and diseases
Absconding and swarming of bees.

Way forward

The sector requires modern harvesting equipments which will go a long way not only to improve on the quality of honey but reduce fire which comes as a result of harvesting with torch light
In order to increase the protection of honey and by products plank hives are required with iron stand which can last for 3 to 4 decades
Training for the sector remains ongoing.

Keeping of Bee-Friendly Plants. Honey bees need plenty of plant-life to sustain their hives…
Support our Local Beekeepers. …
Avoid Using Pesticides. …
Keep a Water Supply. …
Protect Swarms. …
Spread Awareness. …

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