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Livestock Farming – Piggery

Piggery is one of the most profitable enterprise in animal husbandry there is a ready market for pork and manure. The sector is championed by women, managed by 3 resource persons and 2 local animators. Their main activities are organize group purchase of input. Market research and group marketing.


In 2019 the sector organised 2 training on feed compoundment 4 group purchase of inputs and 5 group markets
Sold about 100 tons of manure and ploughed back another 500 tons into maize cultivation which makes up 60 percent of feed compoundment
Produced and market 500 piglets and pigs.


The sector needs a feed processing plan because more than 80 percent of feed compoundment are produced within the community but tend to buy feed at very high cost
Needs more training to manage the pigs style so as to avoid infections and accident
The fluctuating price of piglets and the scarcity of good species is another challenge.

Way forward

A feed processing plant to produce feed locally
Search for new market outlets
Subsidize farmers to construct modern pig styles
Employment of expert vert to help combat diseases in all the sectors.

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