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Underprivileged Assistance

As a youth charity, our goal is to provide help for children from disadvantaged backgrounds everywhere in the nation CEPAU is encourage and support young people to enroll in education. We offer vocational training’s and provide personalized support to help the youth to acquire social and entrepreneurial skills so that they can manage their career and life themselves.
We also take into consideration the widows, disabled and and other disadvantaged people. we give them the strength to support their own children in their studies and education. We support families with pedagogical help, language and computer trainings. CEPAU has also a Family Open House program, bringing help to families in areas of accommodation and food
The most important target is to bring smile to the faces of the disadvantaged population and equal life opportunities to their door steps so as to enable them enjoy life like any other person

Our approach

Cepau pays the fee of those willing to work and provide writing materials for them,
Workers are sent to do the payment in the various schools and a follow up team is put in place to make sure they attend school and monitor their performances too
We send children and adults willing to do vocational training to the different training centers to acquire knowledge that will subsequently create employment for them
We offer micro credit to those will to do business
To help them start up income generating activities that will create sustainable change in their standard of living
We organize training’s on business techniques and financial management
A comity is put in place to monitor the performance, financial management and growth inorder to ensure sustainability
We organize educational programs to boost their confidence and moral


A noticeable increase of people living in poverty and a high proportion bofere the population on the poverty threshold
Many upcoming internally displaced people
Children missing out on school. Cos their families need them to earn money
Low self esteem Lack of morals and confidence due to depression because of the circumstances they found themselves in
Inadequate funds to sponsor child dren and give out micro credit to those doing business
Inadequate funds to offer vocational training and offer medical assistance
Most of the children are in need of a host family
Many lost their capitals and experience a decrease in income due due to the covid19 pandemic


Continue to organize vocational training on hair dressing
Arts and crafts
Computer training
Continue to encourage children to go to school
Continue to source funds to pay their feel and provide writing materials for them
continue to visit the sick and offer medical assistance
Continue to source funds to give micro credit to help them begin income generating activities
continue to source funds to offer covid19 relief to those who lost their capitals
Continue to organize educational programs in a unique way to boost their self esteem, moral and confidence. Such as. Drama, story telling entertainment games
Cepau shall continue to source funds to create a home for children without a host family