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Environmental Protection

Water is a nonreplenishable resource on earth. Disrupting the water cycle is preparing for the worst natural disaster that can hit  humanity. CEPAU is  involved in this sector  by doing sensitization and  awareness creation. Protecting water catchments and spring heads through afforestation and reforestation with water friendly indigenous trees and exotic species.

Agriculture being the most important for livelihood and nutritional security in Africa and cameroon in particular, the abusive use of agro chemicals have had some negative consequences on the natural environment and human beings as well as the disappearance of plant s species due to  the consistent use of pesticide, insecticides, and nematicides. All these products have polluted the natural environment for which an depends on for quantitative and qualitative food production,. The disappearing of bee colonies which do not only give us honey but helps in pollination is another call for concern. In the light of this threat CEPAU is encouraging the production and the use of biopesticides by farmers. Organic agriculture is a production system that  sustains the health of the soil, ecosystem and the people.

CEPAU activities involves and encourages the planting of shrub trees for shelter and  carbon dioxide absorption. CEPAU also encourages the planting of medicinal plants and work with community authorities to stop the destruction of trees around  stream and spring banks. And watershed area.